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Pride Equality has achieved the following:

  • Production of the HIV&AIDS book for LGBTQI youth titled “Tearing Down Walls, Building Up Hope” A Youth Empowerment Toolkit.
  • PE successfully provided treatment on STIs and HIV&AIDS services to 50 MSM/Gay men, 20 bisexuals, 15 Lesbians and 5 Transgender youth in Sierra Leone.
  • Our involvement in the development of the National AIDS Commission (NAC) National Strategic Plan (NSP) laid to the issues of MSM to be now incorporated in the HIV Policy under the Most At Risk Population (MARPs).
  • We have successfully build partnership with other Human Rights organizations and media practitioners who are now advocating on equal rights for all.
  • The establishment of regional groups and student networks.
  • Successful trained 35 LGBTQI youth on sexual and reproductive rights, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) issues, and documentation and reporting of human rights violation based on SOGI issues.
  • The establishment of telephone hotline to report cases on STIs and human rights violations.
  • Development of an interactive website and social networking.
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